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Aadhaar Card Updates: Once you have locked your aadhar, you can unlock it too. This has been done so that your data is fully protected. The UIDAI aadhar brings online access to lock and unlock data from biometric data.
Aadhaar Card updates

Aadhaar Card updates:uidai aadhar card update

Aadhaar Card Updates: Aadhaar Card has become a very important identity in the past few years. Though there have been questions many times about its security. But in spite of this there is no effect on the recognition of the aadhar . The Indian Unique Identification Authority (UIDAI) has said many times that it is completely safe. Your data can not be stolen from the Aadhar.

UIDAI has brought online access to lock and unlock the basis of Aadhaar Biometrics Data. This facilitates the user's data in no way leak. Every person can lock and unlock their biometric data online. This work is possible by both the UIDAI portal and the aadhar mobile app.

UIDAI takes your fingerprint and retina scan data while making Aadhaar card. This is called biometrics data. Share it with the government.

Aadhaar Card Updates:Learn how to lock the aadhar card biometric data online 

Step 1- Visit UIDAI's online portal and choose Lock / Unlocked Biometrics from Aadhar Service Section.

Step 2- Then enter your 12 digit Aadhar Card number and security code. Then click on the Send OTP option.

Step 3- The number after which your aadhaar is registered , There will be an OTP message on it. If your number has changed or you have updated the new number, then update your new number by linking it to the aadhaar.

Step 4- Type the OTP number and press the 'Login' button.

Step 5- When you enter 4 detitons appearing on the screen and click on the 'Enabled' button your biometrics will lock.

Learn How to Unlock Aadhar Card Biometric Data online:Aadhaar Card Updates

Step 1- Press the Login button to unlock your biometrics.

Step 2- In this space you can fill in your 12 digit Aadhaar number and security code.

Step 3- Press the Send OTP button to get the One Time password on your mobile.

Step 4 - The number on which your aadhaar is registered. An OTP message will appear on that mobile number

Step 5- Enter the space that is given in the space and click the Login button.

Step 6- Now enter the security code and press Unlock button. After this your biometrics will be temporarily unlocked for 10 minutes. You can read and go to their official website for more

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