F F What is the way to download aadhaar card?

Friday, 21 June 2019

What is the way to download aadhaar card?

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Download aadhaar card
Download Aadhaar Card

Download aadhaar card:What if you have applied for aadhaar with the unique identification authority of India (uidai) and have not yet access to aadhaar card?
What will you do,if some reason has lost your aadhar card,Now you have a simple solution. we know what is the solution of aadhar card.
When you apply for aadhaar, the aadhaar process takes 15 days to complete.After successfully verification, your application is approved by uidai and its update comes on your mobile.
You can then easily download your Aadhar card online and print it and use it for any purpose.

How to download aadhaar card online?

Download aadhaar card:The process of downloading a card online is very simple.To download the aadhaar card, you will also need your enrollment number or aadhaar number.
1.Go to e-Aadhar website.
2.Select the option of enrollment id or Aadhar number.
3.If you have selected the enrollment id, enter the datails of the Aadhar. Enter an enrollment number of the 28 digit or an acknowledgment number, name, pin code and captcha code.
4.If you have selected a Aadhar option, enter the 12 - digit Aadhar number and other information.If you created a virtual id, enter a 16 - digit virtual Aadhar id.

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5.Click to enter a otp password. There after the otp will be sent to aadhaar validate on your registered mobile number. This has to be filled in and clicked on validiet and downloads.
6.The E- Aadhar card will be downloaded to your computer. This will be password protected and will open only after you insert the pin code in your locality. You can save it in digital format or take a print out of it.

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Note that the downloaded file of the aadhaar card will have an 8 character password. It must spell out the first 4 letters of the aadhaar card name and then the year of its birth. if your name is Tutan and your birth year 1992,then the password is tuta 1992.

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