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Now Instead of PAN, Aadhaar Will Done Your work , Learn 12 Benefits

Now Instead of PAN, Aadhaar Will Done Your work , Learn 12 Benefits
Now Instead of PAN, Aadhaar Will Done Your work
The Modi government in its 2019 budget has changed several rules on Pan and Aadhaar Card. You will get the direct benefit of this in the Government services.

12 Benefits of Aadhaar-

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1. As per the new rules, you can also file your income tax return with Aadhaar Card.
2. If you are going to buy a four-wheeler, you will now be able to pay Aaadhaar Card instead of Pan.
3 . Now even a Pan Card will not be required for a credit card application. Here too, the Aadhaar number will work.
4. Now if you transact more than Rs 50,000 in cash, you can give an Aadhaar number in lieu of Pan number. Even if you deposit more than Rs 50,000 in the bank, the Aadhaar number will be your job.
5. If you go to buy gold worth more than Rs 2 lakh, the jeweller asks you for a Pan card. Now you can also buy jewellery with Aadhaar number.
6 . If you pay Rs 50,000 in cash on a bill in a hotel or spend so much on travelling abroad, aadhaar will also work here.
7. An insurance company can be given an Aadhaar number in lieu of Pan if you pay 50 thousand in a year as a premium.
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8. If you buy shares worth more than Rs 1 lakh from a company that is not listed, you will still get the job done with the Aadhaar number
9. Now, even if you buy immovable property worth over Rs 10 lakh, the Aadhaar number can now be given in lieu of Pan.
10. Demat accounts and bank accounts will now be opened only with Aadhaar Card.
11. In mutual fund investment and sale of shares, Aadhaar number can also be given wherever Pan Card is required.
12. You can also avail government facilities other than link tax bill payment on Umang mobile application by linking your EPFO's UAN with Aadhaar number.
However, this will only happen if your Aadhaar is linked to your Pan card.
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