F F Aadhar Card Correction Form Fill Out and Download Online

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Aadhar Card Correction Form Fill Out and Download Online

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Aadhar Card Correction Form 

Aadhar Card Correction Form Fill in Online / Offline

Aadhar Card Correction Form:The Unique Identification Authority of India is what we know as UIDAI, who are the people responsible behind the infrastructure and development of the Aadhar card. They are the ones who carry out the whole process of registration, delivery and assignment of an Aadhar card and assign a unique number to each citizen.

We assume that you have registered for the Aadhar card and that you have a unique number in your name. Not everyone is lucky when it comes to doing things right at once; I've been there, where I had to go for correction after a couple of weeks due to an error in the last name.

Everyone makes mistakes, which is not something you should be crying because UIDAI understands. You can request the correction the day after receiving the card physically.

So what is the process behind this? Not many people know multiple options they have when it comes to updating or correcting. Lack of knowledge makes the best of them, and they end up spending more time doing unnecessary tasks.

We will show you how you can complete the form and send it to the center of Aadhar in a few minutes.

Note: There will be a fee involved when it comes to correction, almost Rs.150 to Rs.200.

Aadhar Card Correction Form Download

We have seen people who could not understand a point and made mistakes; then they had to correct it again.

You can avoid it by following the step-by-step guide. There is nothing challenging here, so we will make it as easy as possible for you.

There are two types of forms, the first is to send it to the center of Aadhar and the second is to send it by mail.

2 / Obtain the form printed locally and make sure you have more than three copies of it. You can start over when you made a mistake.

3 / Pre--enrolment ID: Your existing Aadhar card number, you can find the 14-digit number on your Aadhar card.

4 / NPR Receipt / TIN Number: This is the number of your PAN card that you can leave if you do not have a PAN card).

5 / Full name: If this correction for the name, write your full name, including the last name. Keep in mind one thing, what you write here will be printed on the Aadhar card, so be sure to also keep the order according to your SSC or higher qualification certificate.

6 / Sex: You have three options, you can select any of them.

7 / Age: If this corresponds to the age correction, you must request customer service: 1800-300-1947.

8 / Address: We assume you have the supporting document because you will need it. If we are right, the blanks can be filled using the address document.
  1. C / o, D / o, W / o, S / o: All mean Son of, Wife and Daughter of, mark one of them and then write the name.
  2. House Number or Building Number or Apartment Number: Select any of them, if you live in an individual house, your house number. If you live in a double or triple store, select a building. If you live in an apartment, select Apartment. You have to write the parcel number of that place.
  3. Street or Road or Lane: Street name or road name (Example: Shiva or Shiva Nagar neighborhood).
  4. Reference Point: For example, above the HDFC ATM or in front of the Apollo pharmacy or the nearby xxx theater.
  5. Town or City or City: It is just the name of your city or the name of your city.
  6. Post Office: It is not necessary, if you do not know, you can leave it.
  7. District: You must know about your district; You can Google the name of your town or village to find out your district.
  8. Subdistrict: You can leave it as is, or it is always the name of your city, even my subdistrict is the name of my city.
  9. Status: Can handle this area.
  10. Email: If you don't have it, leave it that way.
  11. Mobile number: Be sure to add your permanent personal number.
  12. PIN Code: You can search on Google, Google in your city to discover the PIN code.
9 / Details Of: You must add the details of your father or mother or guardian or husband or wife Aadhar.

  • .Type XXX full name.
  • Write down your 14-digit Aadhar card number.
10/ For Documents Based: You must mention the documents that you will add to the correction.
  • POI: Means Proof of identity, which means that you must provide any identification card that has your full name and photo.
  • POA: Proof of address, any government invoice that is not earlier than two months.
  • Date of birth: date of birth, if you do not have a birth certificate, obtain a letter signed by your gazette officer (go to the manual office or the MRO office).
  • POR - It's called proof of relationship, you can use the marriage certificate.
NOTE: HOF and Introducer are required when you do not have POI and POA.

11/ HOF - Head of the family like your father, mother or your brother or he can be your uncle, so get his details from Aadhar and write them down.

12/ Confirmation,

  • You have to write your name.
  • The name of HOF or Introducer must be written here or if you have provided the POI and POA documents, and then leave it.
  • Signature is needed in the third part.
13/ Signature and Fingerprint: Do not do it at home, go to the nearest Aadhar center and then do the last part there.


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