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Sunday, 20 October 2019

Aadhar Card | What Is the Aadhar Card Enrolment Form?

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Aadhar Card

Aadhar Card | Unique Identification Authority of India

Aadhar card is a unique 12-digit identification number that is assigned to you (And anyone who applies). The number is linked to your demography (Name, date of birth, age, address, mobile phone number, email ID, etc.) and biometric data (iris scanning, fingerprint scanning and photography). All data is stored in a centralized database. The entire Aadhar program is administered by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) that was created in 2009.

You can use the Aadhar card as proof of identity and address. An Aadhar card can help you complete KYC and e-KYC when you apply for a bank account, mobile connection or other financial transactions or public services.

In its short existence, the Aadhar card has become one of the most important proofs of identity and address, along with voter identification, driver's license and Pan card. And one of the most controversial.

The idea behind establishing Aadhar as a unique identifier for all citizens was to allow the Indian government to improve the delivery of subsidies, schemes and welfare programs to those who are eligible, and eliminate the false and duplicate economy rampant in the ecosystem of wellness.

However, privacy advocates have raised several concerns about Aadhar and data security. The Supreme Court is also hearing a case about the constitutional validity of making Aadhar mandatory.

What Is the Aadhar Card Enrolment Form?

The Enrolment form for the Aadhar card is available online through the UIDAI website (https://uidai.gov.in/images/aadhaar_enrolment_correction_form_version_2.1.pdf). It is the form you should use to apply, correct or update your Aadhar.

Aadhar Card Enrolment Form

Some points to remember before completing the Aadhar Enrolment form:

1/ Fill in the form in Capital letters

2/ Make too many edits. Make sure your data is readable

3/ Before completing the form, read the instructions on page 2

4/ The details in the test documents you send must match the details you enter

Components of the Aadhar Enrolment form:

1/ Full Name

2/ Gender

3/ Date of birth

4/ Address: Your Aadhar card is delivered to the address mentioned here. In case you live with a relative, provide your address. The address bar also offers the options to add your mobile phone number and email ID

5/ Details of family members

6/ National Population Registry (NPR) / Tax Identification Number (TIN): provide these if you have them

7/ Consent: Check this option if you want UIDAI to share your demographic data with government agencies. If not, select the cross mark

8/ Bank Account: You can link your existing bank account with the Aadhar card here or you can open a new Aadhar bank account. It is an optional field

9/ Documents: keep the relevant proof documents, such as address and identity (PAN card, voter ID, passport) Ready

10/ Presenter: If you do not have proof of identity and address, you can use the data of the presenter or a relative to enroll in the Aadhar card

11/ Signature: Sign the form or paste your fingerprint


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