F F Aadhar Card Password:Importance of Password in E-Aadhar

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Aadhar Card Password:Importance of Password in E-Aadhar

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Importance of Password in E-Aadhar
The aadhar card mainly contains a unique 12-digit identification number known as the aadhar number.

This number is unique to each resident Indian. An aadhar card is made up of the biometric and demographic details of an individual. The Aadhar project is being carried out by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).

To ensure the security and privacy of all aadhar cardholders while using it in online mode, UIDAI has protected the aadhar with a password. Once the e-aadhar card is downloaded from the official UIDAI web portal, the user will be asked to provide a password to unlock the file in PDF format. The password contains 8 characters. The password of these 8 characters will begin with your name and then end with your date of birth. The first four letters of the password will begin with your name that will be mentioned on your Aadhar card and will be capitalized and then the next four letters will be your year of birth.

For example: if you are RADHIKA ACHARYA and your year of birth is 1991. Then your E-Aadhar password will be RADH1991

Importance of the password in E-Aadhar

The password is one of the efficient ways to protect any important information. Therefore, UIDAI protects the Aadhar card efficiently through passwords. In addition, the E-Aadhar card is in the PDF file format that is safe and secure. As PDF is considered a secure, useful and protected digital file format, one can be sure that their data with Aadhar is safe. In addition, the password is 8 letters long and it is difficult for hackers to hack it.

E-Aadhar benefits:

  • An E-Aadhar can be found on the official UIDAI website, and it is easy to download with a few steps.
  • The person can easily download an E-Aadhar card through the UIDAI link if it is stolen or lost.
  • If there are changes that you want to update and review on the Aadhar card, then it is not necessary to visit the authorized UIDAI center to obtain an updated Aadhar card. The latest version of the Aadhar card can be downloaded anywhere, anytime through the E-Aadhar card by visiting the official UIDAI website.
  • The E-Aadhar card is password protected and PDF file. It is the combination of his name and his date of birth. Therefore, it is considered safe to some extent.
  • The bank account linked to Aadhar will get many monetary benefits and the benefits of the government subsidy scheme will be credited directly to your bank accounts. Some of the other facilities include an unemployment benefit plan, a public benefit plan, domestic LPG, MGNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Law) and a crop insurance plan.
  • People who have Aadhar can apply for a passport and obtain it within one or two weeks. Under the proposed new rule, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to link the individual's Aadhar with their respective passports.
  • To regulate our assistance, it is planned that the Biometric Assistance system be linked to an individual's Aadhar card.
  • To eliminate false voters, the Electoral Commission of India plans to link the voter's photo identification card with their Aadhar number.
  • EPFO (Organization of Employee Pension Funds in India) has begun to link the Pension Fund accounts with Aadhar cardholders to obtain accurate pensions.
  • To avoid the fake ration card, now the Aadhar card has also been linked to ration cards in some states like Telangana.

Procedure to download and print E-Aadhar

Step 1: Log in to the UIDAI website
Step 2: Mouse over the option 'My Aadhar' and choose 'Download Aadhar'. Go ahead and go to the personal data section, select one of the options given, which you can select Registration ID or Aadhar according to the details you have. You can find the registration ID along with the date stamp and another option is Aadhar, where you must complete the Aadhar number.
Step 3: If you have a registration ID, complete your 14-digit registration number with a date stamp on the first row, which is present on the confirmation receipt provided after completing the registration process. If you select Aadhar, complete your Aadhar number consisting of 12 digits.
Step 4: Be sure to complete your full name as mentioned on the Aadhar card.
Step 5: Then enter the PIN code of the postal address in the next row.
Step 6: The next step is to enter the text of the image shown in a row below.
Step 7: Then enter your mobile phone number that is registered with Aadhar.
Step 8: You will now receive an OTP on your registered mobile phone number.
Step 9: Enter the received OTP and download your E-Aadhar and click on the Validate and download tab
Step 10: Now you will be shown the PDF file to download. Frequent questions

Frequent questions

Q: What is the password format of the E-Aadhar PDF file?
A: It is a combination of your name and date of birth. That is, the first four letters will be named in capital letters and another four letters contain their date of birth.
Q. Is it necessary to provide the Aadhar card password to apply for a credit card and a personal loan?
A: Yes, it is necessary to provide the Aadhar card password when applying for the credit card and personal loan.
Final Word - This article is for informational purposes only. For more information, see the links provided above or visit https://uidai.gov.in/

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