F F Aadhar virtual ID | Why do we need the virtual ID?

Friday, 25 October 2019

Aadhar virtual ID | Why do we need the virtual ID?

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Aadhar virtual ID
There have been a series of cases in which allegations of Aadhar data leaks were allegedly made. People have been worried about the safety of their Aadhar and its details. UIDAI has addressed people's concerns and created Virtual ID. When users provide their virtual IDs instead of Aadhar, agencies cannot retrieve the applicant's Aadhar number and authentication is carried out as usual. Therefore, the agencies do not access Aadhar's details in any way to prevent Aadhar's number and other details from being hacked.

Aadhar holders can generate the virtual ID and use it to authenticate for a service. Once the authentication is complete, the applicant can regenerate his virtual ID so that the details with the agency, if saved, become useless.

11 Features of Aadhar Virtual ID

UIDAI has made several updates to its system through the VID. Some of the most prominent features of the virtual ID are:

  1. The virtual ID is a 16-digit temporary code that will replace Aadhar for authentication
  2. Only one virtual ID is issued at a time. When a new VID is issued, the old one is deleted
  3. Agencies must update their system to include VID before June 1, 2018
  4. They Aadhar number cannot be retrieved from the virtual ID
  5. There is no limit on the generation of virtual IDs
  6. It is not mandatory to generate VID. A person can provide his Aadhar instead of the VID
  7. Agencies cannot force applicants to provide the Aadhar number for e-KYC or verification
  8. Agencies must obtain the user's consent for authentication via VID
  9. No agency is authorized to store the virtual identification or any other detail of Aadhar taken for authentication
  10. The virtual ID is valid until the user generates a new
  11. When you recover your Aadhar, the last VID generated is sent to the registered mobile number
Frequently asked questions about UIDAI virtual ID

Q. I don't have a letter from Aadhar. Can I get a virtual ID?

Answer: The virtual ID is generated with the Aadhar number. If you do not have an Aadhar card, you must first sign up for it and when you get your Aadhar card, you can also generate your virtual ID.

Q. I have my enrollment ID. Can I generate a virtual ID?

A. You can generate a virtual ID only against an Aadhar number. The service for the generation of VID from the registration number has not been provided so far.

Q. I have not linked my mobile with Aadhar. Can I generate my VID?

A. It is mandatory to link the mobile phone number with Aadhar to take advantage of all the online facilities related to it. If you have not linked your mobile number with Aadhar, you must first link your mobile number by visiting a nearby Aadhar Registration Center and then you can generate the virtual ID.


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