F F PAN Card Correction Form - Download PAN Card Application Online

Saturday, 9 November 2019

PAN Card Correction Form - Download PAN Card Application Online

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PAN Card Correction Form - Download PAN Card Application Online
 PAN Card Application Form Download Online

Pan Card Change/Correction Form

The Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is one of the most important documents currently issued by the Department of Income Taxes in electronic format. Having a PAN card is essential for all Indian citizens. Given the regular need for Pan Card, many people are accustomed to carrying it with them and, therefore, the chances of wear or even loss, etc. They are quite common. However, it is always better to take an early prevention, however, obtaining the necessary corrections / changes or even reissuing the Pan Card is an easy and fast procedure, which saves a lot of time and energy.

When to Request the Correction of the Pan Card

There are a number of errors that may be present on an individual's Pan card. In general, it has been observed that the most common error is spelling errors in name, date of birth, change in contact address, to name a few. Some of us might consider it a small mistake and feel that these details are not so important. But this misconception can create a big problem later or it could have a serious effect on the additional documentation or the process related to the bank. Therefore, it is sensible to correct them as soon as possible. This can easily be done using the same PAN request form and providing the correct but appropriate information. The panoramic card change form must be clearly completed and the boxes that need changes must also be marked correctly. Once loaded, these changes will be executed and the modifications made will be reflected on the other site, even though the Permanent Account Number remains the same. The updated details of the PAN card, with the same permanent account number, will then be displayed and assigned to the applicant.

Documents Necessary for the Correction / Change of the Pan Card

Rectifying any details on the current PAN card or requesting a replica of the Pan Card due to any case of loss or loss or even theft requires that the applicant submit the relevant documents to back up their Pan card correction request form. The documents required vary, depending on whether it is an individual or company or corporate group or any other professional entity that submits the application and the nationality of the applicant.

Documents for Indian individuals and Indian undivided families

Any Indian or HUF person requesting to make changes to the current details on their Pan Card must send:

A copy of valid proof of identification approved by the government (either Aadhaar card or driver's license or passport, etc.)

  • Proof of valid address (DL, utility bill, address certificate, etc.)
  • A valid proof of birth date (voter identification card, DL, passport, etc.)
  • Individual applicants must also provide two passport-sized photographs with their application.

Commercial Enterprises  or Companies That Have Their Office in India

Companies and other corporate entities that have their operations office in India must provide:

  • Your registration copy assigned by any competent authority as proof of identification.
  • Proof of address to make changes to your PAN.

Commercial Enterprises or Companies That Have Their Office Only Outside India

These types of corporate entities that do not have offices in India have to provide:

  • Your copy of the registration certificate that has been assigned in your respective country from the given location and that is also duly certified by the Embassy / High Commission of India or any of the authorized officials.
  • They are also required to provide your copy of the certificate of registration as sanctioned or assigned by any valid Indian authority.

Documents Required for Foreign Citizens

Foreign citizens (residing in India or abroad) must present a valid identification and proof of address to support their application. It can be your citizenship identification number or a copy of the passport or a copy of the PIO card, etc.

Other Foreign Entities (Apart from Individuals)

These entities have to provide a valid identification and proof of address that can be their respective registration certificate (assigned in the country of the applicant) or the Embassy in that country or the High Commission of India. The copy of the registration certificate sanctioned by the local Indian authorities must also be submitted.

Download Pan Card Correction  Form

PAN Card Correction Form
PAN Card Correction Form 

- For more details, visit the official website https://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/home

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