F F Copy of the Aadhar Card: How to Get a Copy of the Aadhar Card Online

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Copy of the Aadhar Card: How to Get a Copy of the Aadhar Card Online

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One Can Easily Download a Copy of Aadhar and Easily Take Out a Hard Copy.
Aadhar Card Copy
Aadhar Card Copy

Aadhar Card Copy: How to Get a Aadhar Card Copy Online

These days, you need your Aadhaar card for many things, so you tend to take it wherever you go. When you do that, there is a good chance that it will get lost or damaged. So what do you do if this happens and you need a new copy of your Aadhaar card?
  • Take a Hard Copy on Your Own
The easiest way to get a new Aadhaar card is to simply download the card and then print it. To do this, you must download your Aadhaar card from the website of the Unique Identification Authority of India, or UIDAI, the government agency responsible for issuing the Aadhaar or UID numbers. This is how you do it:
  • Go to the UIDAI website.
  • Go to the "My Aadhaar" section
  • In the drop-down list and choose "Download Aadhaar"
  • Enter your Aadhaar number, enrollment ID or virtual ID
  • Enter the captcha code
  • Click send OTP
  • You will get the OTP on your registered phone number
  • Enter OTP on the website
  • You will then receive a copy of your Aadhaar card in a password protected PDF file
  • You can then take a hard copy of the card
Please note that you will need a registered mobile phone number to download the Aadhaar. If you have not registered your phone number, you will need to visit the nearest Aadhaar enrolment center to do so.
Some people get the printed Aadhaar card and then laminate it. UIDAI has warned against this practice, saying that it is not a good idea to share your Aadhaar number with unauthorized persons while they laminate it. The printing of the downloaded Aadhaar card, even in black and white, is as valid as the original Aadhaar card sent by UIDAI. There is absolutely no need to print it on a plastic card or to plasticize it, UIDAI said in a press release issued a couple of years ago.
  • Click on "Request reprint of Aadhaar"
  • Log in with your 12-digit Aadhaar number, enrollment ID or virtual ID (VID)
  • Enter the security code or captcha
  • Click on "Send OTP"
  • The one-time password or OTP will be sent to your registered mobile phone number
  • If you do not have a registered mobile phone number, click on the box "My mobile number is not registered"
  • Enter the mobile phone number to which you want your OTP sent
  • Enter the OTP on the UIDAI site
  • You will get a preview of the Aadhaar card
  • Click on "Make a payment"
  • You will be directed to a payment gateway where you can pay the amount through Internet banking, credit or debit card, UPI, etc.
  • After payment, you will receive a receipt
  • The new Aadhaar card will be sent to the address in the UIDAI database.
  • You should be able to get the card within five business days after the request

Download with the Maadhaar Application

You can download your Aadhaar card or get a reprint using the mAadhaar application. If you don't have the application, download it from the Google Play Store. According to UIDAI, you do not need a paper copy of the Aadhaar card for any purpose; An electronic copy is equally valid.

If you want to share an electronic copy with any service provider, this is what you should do:

Click on "Paperless offline e-KYC" in mAadhaar. You can also do it on the UIDAI website here.

Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number or your virtual ID

Enter the captcha code and click on "Send OTP"

Enter OTP on the website

Create a four-character shared code

A zip file will be created that contains the details of Aadhaar.

You can send the zip file and share the code to any service provider.

The service provider can open the zip file using the shared code

Therefore, getting a copy of your Aadhaar is quite easy and convenient. But remember that an electronic copy is equally valid, so you don't have to panic if you lose your card.

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