F F EPFO Will Accept Aadhaar Card as Proof of Online Date of Birth

Thursday, 9 April 2020

EPFO Will Accept Aadhaar Card as Proof of Online Date of Birth

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Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card

EPFO To Accept Aadhaar Card As Proof Of Date Of Birth Online

Retirement Fund Agency The Employees Provident Fund Organization will accept its subscribers' Aadhaar card online as valid proof to rectify their date of birth and ensure their PF accounts are KYC compliant, the Labor Ministry said Sunday.

EPFO has allowed its subscribers to withdraw the three-month basic payment and allocation of expenses as a non-refundable advance to mitigate any financial pain caused by the coronavirus pandemic. But the facility was available only to those who met the Know Your Customer rules.

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"In a move to extend the availability and scope of online services in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, EPFO ​​has issued revised instructions to its local offices to make it easier for members to rectify their birth dates on EPFO records, thus ensuring that UAN (Universal Account Number) complies with KYC, "said a ministry statement.

Employees Provident Fund Organization
Employees Provident Fund Organization

According to the statement, the date of birth recorded on the Aadhaar card will now be accepted as valid proof of date of birth for rectification purposes, provided the difference in the two dates is less than three years.

EPFO subscribers can submit their correction requests online. This will allow the retirement fund agency to instantly validate members' birth dates online with the Unique Identification Authority of India, thereby reducing the time required to process such applications.

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EPFO has instructed field offices to accelerate the elimination of online applications, allowing FP members in financial difficulties to apply online for the use of non-refundable advances from their accumulations of provident funds to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic.
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